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Real Brilliance Jewellery was founded in 2009.

Real Brilliance Jewellery is Affordable Elegance, timelessness & practical wearability.


Our designs are renditions of enduring sophistication our motto is that fine jewelry should be worn,

enjoyed and not locked up in a safe.


We believe that the universal allure of fine jewellery deserves a pragmatic option whereby stress-free prices,

superior quality and excellent workmanship can be enjoyed by all.

Real Brilliance Jewellery gives Every woman  the opportunity to own extraordinary jewellery,

at an affordable price without compromising luxury or elegance.


Simulated Diamonds are laboratory grown Gemstones.


With a dispersive power greater than Diamond that can be seen even  by an untrained eye.


Simulated Diamonds are internally flawless  whereas most Diamonds have some sort of inclusions.


Simulated Diamonds are colorless: equivalent to the world's finest D-E color Diamond's

Each stone is hand cut, faceted and polished like a natural Diamond.

 Simulated Diamonds will never fade, change color or lose its brilliance.


All Real Brilliance Jewellery is conflict  free  and has no negative environmental effects

 and is suitable for people with sensitive skin being Lead & Nickel free.(unless otherwise stated)


Real Brilliance Jewellery brings you the best Synthetic and Simulated stones the best brilliance,

the best sparkle, the best bling, and a Lifetime Guarantee, without breaking the bank.


You also get free trackable delivery so you know your jewellery is safe in shipment.


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