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 Question: What is a Simulated Diamond?

It's a laboratory grown gemstone instead of being formed in the ground by nature.


Question: Do you sell Diamonds?

No, we don't sell Diamonds


Question: What is the difference between a Simulated Diamond and a Natural Diamond.

Simulated Diamonds have a dispersive power greater than diamond (0.060 vs. 0.044)

Our Simulated Diamonds are a  8.5 to 9 on the Mohs' hardness scale vs. a rating of 10 for diamonds.

Simulated Diamonds are virtually flawless.  Whereas most diamonds have some sort of inclusion.


Question:  how do i clean my Simulated Diamond?

It can be cleaned with any conventional jewellery cleaner or detergent.

With such a high hardness and durability, you can use a brush to clean off dirt or oil.

Ultra sonic jewellery cleaners may also be used and will not damage the stone.

Simulated Diamonds should be cleaned frequently to remove oils from the skin that dull the brilliance of the gem. 


Question: Are you a shop?

No, we are not a shop We are an online business.


Question: Why is Real Brilliance Jewellery lower priced then other diamond simulant companies?

1. because we are an online business  2. we buy from the source  3. lower over heads.


Question: Can I combine items and ship them together? How much does it cost?

We offer Free registered shipping, shipping can take up to 4 weeks


Question: Can i pay by Credit Card / PayPal / Bitcoin

Yes you can pay by Debit & Credit Card / PayPal / Bitcoin


Question: Do you have a warranty / Guarantee

Yes,  Just scroll down on this page to read about our guarantee


For your further inquires.  Fill out our contact form





Where do we ship to?

Real Brilliance  Jewellery ships internationally to almost every country worldwide  including all 50 states in the USA, Canada,United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, etc.


Where do we ship your order from?

Real Brilliance Jewellery ships all orders made on from our office in Spain.


Shipping Service

Real Brilliance Jewellery ships out most international orders via Correos España with  real-time online tracking.

However for shipments to certain countries, we may use another courier company.


Free Shipping offer

Real Brilliance  Jewellery provides free shipping for all orders.

If an item is shipped free of charge and subsequently returned, the full shipping fee will be deducted from the refund amount.


Shipment Tracking

After your order has been shipped out, we will send you an email notification confirming your shipment tracking number.

This gives you the ability to track your order until it reaches you or your recipient.


How many days will shipping take?

Most orders can be shipped out within 14-21 business days after an order is made,

unless otherwise stated on the product description, In most cases however, you should receive your order much sooner.

Real Brilliance Jewellery will contact you via email should there be any delays to your order.


Customs & Sales Tax

All Real Brilliance Jewellery orders made via our website do not include customs & sales duties,

imposed by local customs authorities in your country.

From our experience, most countries do not impose taxes on our orders as the package is relatively small and can pass off as a gift.

However should there be any taxes imposed on an item,

you will be responsible for paying these amounts to your country’s local customs.


Customers in the EU will not need to pay any sales taxes upon delivery.




Real Brilliance Jewellery guarantees you top grade diamond simulants,

and are willing to bet a lifetime guarantee for all our stones.


Each stone is cut and polished individually just like a naturally mined diamond.


When it comes to hardness, our diamond stimulants measure a hardness rating of 8.5 to 9.0,

with a mined diamond possessing a 10 on the Mohs scale.


We consider stones used on all Real Brilliance jewellery to be the finest diamond stimulants in existence and you are guaranteed the perfect cut, ultimate brilliance and a life-time of durability.


We guarantee that these stones will forever retain their flawless beauty and promise to replace any stone for any discolouration or compromised brilliance under normal wear  for 15 Euro.

The cost to remove the old and place the new stone.


For questions about this Guarantee Call/Whatsapp (+34) *** *** ***  or use our contact form. 



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